WATCH: Village unveils new tribute to the fallen of two World Wars

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The village of Shilbottle came together today to unveil a war memorial to honour the dead of the first and second World Wars.

Guests of honour the Duke of Duchess of Northumberland took the salute during the parade, which followed a church service and ceremony in the memorial garden.

The unveiling of the new war memorial at Shilbottle.

The unveiling of the new war memorial at Shilbottle.

In 2000, the Shilbottle and Hampeth Action Group secured funding for the garden to transform an eyesore area which housed an obsolete electricity sub-station. Working with the parish council and local schoolchildren, an area to remember the miners of both Shilbottle and Whittle was created.

Now the project has been completed with the new war memorial. As well as paying tribute to the fallen it is a testament of the hard work put into the project by the village.

Video by Jane Coltman

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