VIDEO: School celebrating 40 years

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A school has started celebrations to mark 40 years at its current site.

Felton First School has been at its base on Mouldshaugh Lane in the village since 1974 and staff have organised a series of events and projects for the occasion, starting with a tea party last week to which past teachers and pupils from the village were invited. And at the event a celebration banner was unveiled which has been made for the school by the local felt-making group.

Suzanne Connolly, joint headteacher, said: “We are having big celebrations all year. The pupils are studying the 1970s and we have had a living museum with exhibits from the era such as toys, fashion, furniture and all sorts of things that the children were interested in.”

Later in the year the school will be holding a ruby ball which will also be fund-raising for the school and a lot of past pupils are already interested in attending.

The school will also be creating a ruby sensory garden in its grounds during the summer term. Mrs Connolly added: “The celebrations have been a really good living history topic for us. It has really helped the children to feel that history is real, it is about their parents and families.

“It has been brilliant for them to see what it was like in the 1970s.”




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