VIDEO: Mums in protest rally after breast-feeding woman branded a ‘tramp’

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Three north Northumberland mums organised a quiet protest in support of a woman branded a tramp for breast-feeding in public.

Janet Murphy, from Howick, was shocked when she heard the story of Emily Slough, from Staffordshire, being criticised for feeding her daughter.

So the 34-year-old, friend Julia Langley and breast-feeding support worker Sarah McGenity organised a protest at Grey’s Monument in Newcastle.

Janet, who has a seven-and-a-half-month-old daughter, Charlotte, organised the event after setting up an event page on Facebook and there was a huge amount of interest in it.

She said: “We decided to do it really to support the mum from Staffordshire and to raise awareness that is it normal and natural for a mother to feed her child however, wherever and whenever they feel.”

Janet added that bar one incident when her daughter was around eight weeks old, she has never had a problem with breast-feeding in public.

She said: “There are some really good places in Alnwick.

“We’d like to say thank-you to everyone that turned up and to Andrew Hodgson at Sportsworld who made a banner for us, for free, to support what we were doing.

“It was a fantastic day and I think there were between 40 and 60 people there.”




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