VIDEO: Magnus shares the life and legend of the Vikings

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Northumberland schools will be travelling back in time over the next two months as a solitary Viking comes to visit.

Magnus the soupmaker, aka Don White, senior library assistant, has been visiting schools for many years now.

Dressed in full Viking regalia, he is set to visit more than 30 schools in the county to engage pupils with his interactive stories about the famous invaders, their lifestyles and beliefs.

As the new curriculum places greater emphasis on local history, the Viking theme is an ideal story-telling topic given that the Vikings’ first significant raid on Britain took place on Lindisfarne in 793.

And appropriately, Magnus’ first stop was on the island today when he met the children from Holy Island and Lowick first schools.

This is the third year in succession that the schools’ library service has offered an event of this nature, which is free of charge to subscribing schools. Previous events have focused on The Olympics and Our Northern Heritage.




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