VIDEO: Lux at Cragside

Waiting for Video...

A showcase of six pieces of art has opened at Cragside.

The video, by Gazette photographer Jane Coltman, first shows Illumine, by Imogen Cloët in the dining room of Cragside House. She was given the task of transforming the dining room, which includes a display of suspended, heritage lightbulbs.

Next is Source by Bob Levene, in the library of the House. Bob presents a moving portrait of her own forearm with a flickering visual presence of light.

Spiegelei Junior III, by Jem Finer, has created a piece of work that is sculptural on the outside and a working observatory on the inside.

Finally the video shows In the pursuit of perfection by Catherine Bertola, in Orchard House in the Formal Garden. She has turned her attention to how the Formal Garden represents the lengths Armstrong went to to control and harness nature.




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