Thousands sign up to back parking battle

Ann Burke and other campaigners concerned about parking in Queen Street, Amble.

Ann Burke and other campaigners concerned about parking in Queen Street, Amble.

A petition set up by a frustrated trader to solve the ‘ludicrous’ parking situation in her town has attracted more than 2,500 signatures.

People in Amble are so fed-up with traffic wardens, that 1,000 protestors signed the campaign in its first 24 hours.

Emotions are running high amid fears that Northumberland County Council’s civil parking enforcement officers, who are implementing traffic controls in the town, are driving trade away.

Critics say that parking restrictions on Queen Street need to be reviewed, arguing that in some cases they are no longer relevant, and need to be changed to help businesses.

And to put the pressure on, Ann Burke, who owns card and gift store 42 Queen Street, has launched a petition and intends to present it to County Hall staff.

“We are gravely concerned for the future of our town,” she said.

“The town is dying, it is terrible.

“Income is being driven out of the town.”

The petition, which was distributed throughout Amble last week, is calling for the county council to remove the parking enforcement officers from Amble until the town council and the county council can consult and decide on a sensible parking solution for Amble.

Ann added: “Something needs to be done. A lot of people are worried about their businesses.

“Amble did not have this problem prior to the traffic wardens.”

Amble Town Council clerk Elaine Brown said that councillors, as well as Amble Business Club representatives, had met County Hall staff earlier in the year to discuss the issue.

She said that official consultations could not start until April 2013, but highways officers were happy to work with the town and happy to receive suggestions.

The town council has also listed the removal of parking restrictions/regulations on Queen Street and surrounding areas in Amble as its priority for the Local Transport Plan 2013/14.

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman said: “We have met businesses and the town council to discuss their concerns about parking in Amble.

“There is a meeting arranged for December 4 between the town council and local traders to formulate ideas about parking in the town which they can then put to the county council.”




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