The amazing surfing seal off the Northumberland coast

Matty Stanley and the seal.

Matty Stanley and the seal.

Two surfers had more than they bargained for yesterday when a seal hitched a lift and joined them riding the waves.

Matty Stanley, from Amble, and Andrew Flounders, from Morpeth, have spoken of their surprise after the creature mounted their boards several times while they were in the water, off the coast of Amble.

Incredible footage from an onboard camera shows the apprentice surfer making numerous attempts to balance on the board, but slips off into the sea.

But the plucky animal didn’t give up that easily and eventually managed to hone his skills and sit pretty on both boards, almost posing for the camera.

Andrew said: “We had just been joking about the lack of seals in the sea and perhaps there might be a shark arond as the water was very warm. Then I felt a thud against my leg.

“I jumped onto the board and Matty said the colour drained from my face.

“But the seal just leapt on board and was really, really friendly and kept following us, even out of the sea when we left.”

In the video, which was collated by Matty, the seal is also seen riding a wave himself and swimming into knee-deep water.

The clip was picked up by a news agency and the Gazette has now been asked to remove it from this website.





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