Sporting chance to meet future classmates

DCHS year 7 sports day: Laura Hindhaugh

DCHS year 7 sports day: Laura Hindhaugh

Middle school pupils got a taste of high school life at a sports day.

The Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick hosted the event for Year 7 pupils and, judging by the smiling faces and friendly competitive atmosphere, it was a massive success.

The event was organised to ‘build new friendships and just have fun.’ according to high school PE teacher Mrs Steele. She said: “It’s helpful for the kids to get some communication with children from different schools before they all join the high school later next year.”

All 270 participating students from the feeder middle schools were spilt into 10 different mixed groups and given a bright, team-coloured T-shirt to wear.

Keith Shotton, from Seahouses Middle School, said: “The thing that I like most about it is that it develops the children’s team skills.

“It allows small schools like ours to merge with the others and have a taste of what it’s like to have a bigger year group, giving the confident children a chance to take charge while encouraging the less confident to really push themselves.”

The pupils were kept busy circulating the 15 various activities planned out for them, varying between Space Hopper and wheelbarrow racing, to goal shoot and long jump competitions.




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