Rothbury Traditional Music Festival, 2007 Winners

Fiddle: Novice, Hannah Slater Patterson; Intermediate, Bethany Chamberlain; Open, Greg Trotter; Best local, Hannah Slater Patterson; Best Under 17, Charlotte Kennedy.

Accordion: Novice, Joseph Oliver; Intermediate, Gemma Telfer; Open, James Laurie; Best Local, Gemma Telfer; Best under 17, Joseph Oliver.

Instrumental Pairs: Open, Becky Stockwell & Ruth Ball; Best Local, Hannah Slater Patterson & Gemma Telfer; Best Under 17, Hannah Slater Patterson & Gemma Telfer.

Ceilidh Band: Open, Border Box; Best Under 15, Border Box.

Northumbrian Pipes: Novice, Chloe Corrigan; Intermediate, Chloe Corrigan; Open, Jessica Lamb.

Northumbrian Pipes New Tune: Open, Rowan Johnston.

Lowland Pipes: Open, Bill Telfer.

Piping Pairs: Open, Helen Capes & Nick Leeming.

Misc Instrument: Open, Billy Little.

Dialect Poetry: Novice, David Jobson; Open, Raymond Reed; Best Local, J P Athey.

Traditional Singing: Men – open, Brian Kell; Women – open, Sheila Knox; Best Local, Jessica Sutton; Best under 15, Jane Oxnard.

Original Composition Song: Open, V Maddeson.

Whistle/Recorder: Open, Dunmail Hodlinson; Best Under 17, Chloe Corrigan; Best Local, Chloe Corrigan.

Flute: Open, Pamela Ward.

Original Composition Tune: Open, Dunmail Hodkinson.

Highland Pipes: Intermediate, Sam Bandeen; Open, Greg Cockburn.

Highland Drumming: Novice, Amy Metcalfe; Open, Stephen Walker.


Solo Instrument, Scott Martin; Duet Instrument, Esther Blakey & Amy Wilson; Group Instrument, 3 Valleys Harbottle; Solo Singing, Jessica Sutton; Duet Singing, Oliver Wharf & Amy Wilson.

Best performance by a first school pupil, Scott Martin.


Solo Instrument, Chloe Corrigan; Duet Instrument, Gemma Telford & Hannah Slate Patterson; Group Instrument, Esther Hamilton Duguid, James Carr, Megan Glyde, Hilda Quick & Annie Jessop; Solo Singing, Georgia Wilkinson.

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