Research reveals more clues to wreck

Following the news that the partially-exposed shipwreck at Bamburgh is older than previously thought, a number of possible sources have been put forward.

Earlier this month, we reported that survey work carried out by the Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust with help from local archaeologists and volunteers had revealed that the timber used was felled in or after 1768.

It also established that the wood in the shipwreck, visible at low-tide on the beach below Bamburgh Castle, originates from the east of England, making the wreck British.

Research by the creator of a blog – farne.co.uk – showed that there were severe storms in 1795, as well as December 1784 and November 1774.

The 1795 storm reportedly wrecked at least six ships, including the brig Peggy, which was reported as sinking near Little Harcar, although her final position is unknown.




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