Parking tickets issued at Alnmouth Station

Penalty charge notices have been issued to cars parked incorrectly at Alnmouth Railway Station.

Penalty charge notices have been issued to cars parked incorrectly at Alnmouth Railway Station.

At least six vehicles were issued with parking tickets in the free Alnmouth Station car park this morning.

Several passengers returning to the station’s new northbound bays tonight will get the unwanted surprise of Northumberland County Council penalty charge notices stuck to their car windows, sparking a debate on the way vehicles have been left and whether the extra spaces are enough to cope with demand.

Signs displaying the ‘main conditions of use’ of the area state: ‘Park wholly within a marked bay; no sleeping, cooking or camping; no HGVs or coaches; display a valid Blue Badge when parked in a disabled bay.’

Motorists seem to have fallen foul of the first condition, with cars abandoned partly on the pavement down towards the station.

One message on Facebook said: ‘As a regular user of the station, I have to say I am massively in favour of this as people park very inconsiderately on footpaths, etc, and there have been many warnings this has been coming.

‘However, on the flip side, more needs to be done to increase parking provision at the station as number of cars far exceed number of spaces and the buses to and from the station are no good.’

Another said: ‘Folk thinking they can park anywhere. Imagine the chaos if we all did that!’

But several people were bemoaning the lack of spaces. One posted: ‘I leave home far earlier than I need to because of the lack of parking at the station and I’m sure these people were worried they’d miss their trains and left them there in desperation.’

Another said he agreed with ticketing cars not parked as they should be but hoped the revenue from the tickets would highlight the lack of parking space and ‘doesn’t just fill the coffers’.

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