Meeting to discuss town issues

The Paddlers

The Paddlers

A public meeting is being held in Amble on Monday to discuss concerns over the state of sport and leisure areas in the town.

The forum has been organised by Amble-based businessman Bruce Durham, following an avalanche of comments on social-media site Facebook about the appearance of the Paddlers and the Welfare.

The response was sparked after Bruce posted a picture of a heaving paddling pool in Morpeth’s Carlisle Park on a hot summer’s day, compared to an image of an empty Paddlers area, which has two disused paddling pools.

Concern was also raised about the state of the Welfare, including the lack of grass cutting at the football pitches.

Bruce said he has called the meeting to ‘bring all parties of Amble together to solve the problems around the towns social and recreational facilities’. He told the Gazette: “We are inviting Amble Town Council, Amble Development Trust, the police, football teams and the public to come along.

“It’s a chance to discuss what needs to be done with the public, and then do it.”

The development trust has been responsible for the Welfare for eight years, but the organisation has had no income to cut the grass recently.

Lateley, representatives from The Amble Community Sports Development Centre and Tiny Woods Football Academy, which is running a heavily-subsidised football programme, had to cut the grass themselves.

Julia Aston, of the development trust, said that this was the one year that the trust has been unable to cut the grass, adding that the trust is waiting on community benefit money from the long-running Marks Bridge housing scheme saga; given final approval in April.

Action to transform the Paddlers area, owned by Northumberland County Council, is being taken.

Outline proposals have been put together by consultants, working on behalf of the town council, and went on show earlier this year.

Amble Mayor, Craig Weir, said: “The town council is willing to attend the meeting and talk to the public, however these issues were highlighted during our parish meeting in May, which was poorly attended.”

The meeting is at Amble Fourways 2 at 6pm.




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