Lucky number 13 for Jack’s birthday quest

Fancy a challenge? Jack Clements is working his way through a list of them. Picture Jane Coltman

Fancy a challenge? Jack Clements is working his way through a list of them. Picture Jane Coltman

A soon-to-be teenager has embarked on a series of 13 challenges before his 13th birthday - all to get a later bedtime.

Tomorrow, Alnwick’s Jack Clements will hit the magic number.

And to show that he is old enough to be given more responsibilty, his mum, Jane Spowart, set up a series of challenges.

One of those was to submit a picture to the Gazette, which he took while on a visit to the Farne Islands, by himself, which in turn was another challenge.

Jack, a pupil at Lindisfarne Middle School, said: “I am enjoying it and I think it is proving that I can be more responsible and independent and mature enough to handle a later bedtime.

“I didn’t really know how I would feel about it but it has been good.

“Hopefully it will prove to the older generation that young people can cope without their parents if they put their minds to it.”

Jane came up with idea after seeing the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11¾.

“It’s all about teaching him valuable life lessons,” she said.

“Things like learning to iron and sewing on a button.

“He has done brilliantly and I’m very very proud of him.

“He has certainly risen to the challenge.”

Jack’s final challenge will be given to him on his birthday, which he will be celebrating with friends.

His challenges: Visit the Farne Island by himself; Cook a two-course meal for the family; Volunteer at the Salvation Army; Take part in a 13k walk around Hulne Park; Camp in a tent for 13 hours; Play the 12-bar blues in front of his classes; Submit a picture to the Gazette; Learn 13 words in German; Undertake 13 household chores; Draw a self-portrait; Paint a garden gate; Create a video of all of the challenges; A final birthday surprise.




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