Life-saving unit in club

Pat Tatters with members of the golf club and their new defibrillator.

Pat Tatters with members of the golf club and their new defibrillator.

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In the week when several tournaments will be held in his name, The Stephen Carey Fund thought it fitting to release details of the placement of another defibrillator.

Bryan Tatters sadly passed away several years ago and, upon hearing of the campaign, his wife Pat contacted the Fund asking for them to help place a defibrillator at the golf club in Wooler to give others the chance that her husband unfortunately did not have.

Despite this being a deviation from its aims of placing public-access defibrillators, a discussion with the North East Ambulance Service and meeting Pat herself ensured that it took very little persuasion for The Stephen Carey Fund to assist.

Scott McEwan, chairman of The Stephen Carey Fund, said: “Given the geography and nature of the course at Wooler Golf Club, we soon realised that even if an ambulance could get to the location quickly, it would still take several minutes to get to a patient.

“Placing a defibrillator on site and therefore saving vital minutes will undoubtedly improve the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest at the club.”

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