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Crossbreed Judy is enjoying life in the outside world after a long stay at canine charity Shak.

Judy had been at the charity’s base just outside Alnwick for far too long.

But because of her strength, size and being a mixed breed, the attention from potential fosterers never really fell on her.

However that was until Bill and another Shak dog, Rufus, came along.

It took a lot of work and perseverance, partly because Rufus isn’t the best at making new friends.

But, after a series of visits and walks around her new farm home, he soon came around to the idea of having a new friend around.

Stephen Wylie, who runs the charity, said: “I’m proud of both of these dogs.

“The change and bonding that developed over the weeks of pairing these two up was very special to witness.

“It taught me a lot and it showed what can be achieved given time and patience.

“For Judy it’s a brand new start and for us it is quite strange as Judy was always at Shak but it’s fantastic to see her find a real home at last.”

Penny the spaniel who arrived at the charity a few weeks ago is now recovering after surgery.

She is a complicated pooch, but is making good progress thanks for a volunteer who is looking after her.

Shak has a number of dogs in its care, many of which are looking for forever foster homes.

To find out more about the charity and its animals visit shaksafehomesandkindness.blogspot.co.uk

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