Fresh concerns over the state of Amble street

Queen Street in Amble after a visit by parking enforcement officers.

Queen Street in Amble after a visit by parking enforcement officers.

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The appearance of a town-centre shopping street which was recently branded a ‘giant, filthy ashtray’ has come under scrutiny again.

In May, former Amble mayor Audrey Jones raised concerns about the state of Queen Street, saying it was littered with dropped cigarette ends.

And at last Thursday’s Amble Town Council meeting, members were alerted to fresh complaints about the area, which was plagued by a trail of filth and blood.

The issue was raised in a letter sent from Karen Brunton, duty berthing master at Amble Marina, on Sunday, June 29.

The Marina had been hosting a visit from a Dutch cruising group and Karen wrote: “I was really happy with the way the visit was progressing, until this morning when I went across to Queen Street.

“I returned to work both saddened and near to tears having followed a trail of broken glass, bottles, cigarette ends, chewing gum, general filth and a trail of blood along our main shopping area.

“I sent all my customers to Warkworth, being too ashamed to send them into our wonderful town.

“We know it is only the thoughtless few, but there is little point in the caring residents and businesses working so hard to ensure a future for the town if this is allowed to continue.”

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