Estates lodge homes appeal

Site of  the planning development off Morwick Road.

Site of the planning development off Morwick Road.

Objectors who fought off a controversial housing plan for their village have vowed to redraw battle lines after an appeal was lodged for the refused scheme.

In December, delighted residents cheered and applauded as Northumberland Estates’ bid for 37 homes in Warkworth was booted out by the county council’s north area planning committee in Alnwick.

But now the saga has taken another twist, with the applicant vying to have the decision overturned.

The news has horrified those against the plan and they insist they will fight until the end.

Speaking on behalf of the objectors, Anne Puddephatt said: “We are extremely disappointed to hear the news of the appeal. We will continue to strongly oppose the development and do whatever we can to prevent it.

“It is our strong belief that the development of a private housing estate of this size is not needed when there are so many houses currently for sale in the village.

“We have serious concerns about road safety and drainage and do not believe that the village wants, needs or can sustain such a huge development.”

The application is earmarked for land east of Old Barns Close, Morwick Road.

The Estates’ original plan was to build 44 private houses, but this sparked huge objection, including a petition signed by more than 300 people.

The revised scheme which went in front of the planning committee in December was for 37 properties.

The application had been recommended for approval, but councillors kicked it out on a 3-2 verdict. Leading the charge, Coun Heather Cairns said the scheme’s density was too great for a historic village and questioned its sustainability.

Regarding the appeal, a Northumberland Estates spokesman said: “The application was recommended for approval and having considered the refusal reasons and the benefits of the scheme, we have decided to appeal the decision.

“The matter is in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate. It will be a number of months before the outcome is known.”




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