Crop circle appears in field near Alnwick

Markings in a field between Alnmouth and Warkworth.

Markings in a field between Alnmouth and Warkworth.

Motorists, cyclists or walkers heading south from Alnmouth towards Warkworth may have spotted what could be evidence of visitors from another world as two crop circles or markings have appeared in fields.

In one, a circular shape can be clearly seen and the other is a more random arrangement, both in a field of ripened crops.

But in the past, crop circles in north Northumberland have been branded ‘vandalism’ and the cost to farmers has been counted.

Northumberland Estates confirmed that people had been seen making the circles in the field on August 19, 2011.

There had been much speculation about the artistic creation in a field near Hawkhill, between Alnwick and Alnmouth, on land belonging to the Estates’ Percy Farms.

At the time, a National Farmers’ Union spokesman said: “It’s trespass, it’s vandalism, it’s stealing, it’s whatever you want to call it, it’s breaking the law.

“That area won’t be able to be combined and harvested and if it’s on about an acre of land, at about three or four tonnes an acre at £150 or £160 each tonne, that’s £500, so it’s a costly thing.

“If someone broke windows to that amount, they would be in trouble. People have been locked up for doing far less in the riots.

“People may say that it’s the Duke’s land and he can afford it, but can they? And it happens to small farms as well, it’s just stupidity.

“They are stealing because they are taking money away from that farm. It doesn’t only happen to the big landowners. What about the guy next door with 100 acres?”

A spokeswoman for the Northumberland Estates said: “While some might see it as an amusing prank, it is in fact vandalism which has resulted in part of a wheat crop being destroyed and wildlife being disturbed at a time when many birds and animals are busy rearing their young.”

Pictures by Jane Coltman




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