Children involved in future development of community

Coun John Woodman with pupils from Seahouses First School.

Coun John Woodman with pupils from Seahouses First School.

Children from a north Northumberland first school have produced a tourism brochure for children visiting their seaside village.

The brochure, by Seahouses First School pupils which advises young visitors on the quality of the fish and chips and the availability of ice cream, may go into the village’s tourism office.

It was developed alongside a logo for the new neighbourhood plan, which will set out the planning framework for the parishes of North Sunderland, Bamburgh and Beadnell. The steering group asked the pupils to develop the logos.

Coun John Woodman, chairman of the steering group, said: “The neighbourhood plan will start with a vision about what is special about the area. We thought it would be a great idea to involve those who are the future of the villages, the children at school, by asking them to design a logo to sum up the area.

“Their work is excellent but what is even better is that they have taken it further. We are going to include their ideas in the promotional activity for tourism”.

Headteacher Margaret Ayden added: “The children had fun combining their artistic and creative talents with persuasive writing and computer skills to produce eye-catching logos, a leaflet written especially for children, and a brochure full of persuasive writing to attract visitors to our area.”




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