Lessons to be learnt from Anne Frank story

PEOPLE at a young offenders institution in north Northumberland are to learn about the life of Anne Frank.

An exhibition about her life, the value of tolerance, and what can happen when minorities are mistreated will run from Monday to Friday at Castington Young Offenders Institution.

Anne Frank’s story and the events of the Holocaust are used to illustrate challenging contemporary issues including racism, bullying, personal and moral choices, social responsibility, and understanding diversity.

Teachers and staff at Castington will use the themes of the exhibition to develop activities and discussion in a wide range of curriculum areas.

A group at Castington will be trained as guides for visitors to the exhibition.

Bob Perris, head of learning and skills at Castington, said: “We feel that is it very important for trainees at Castington to consider these issues as a part of a balanced education and training programme.

“The exhibition has had a significant impact on people who have visited in other prisons. It helps people reflect on their values and attitudes.”