Lesbury WI, May meeting

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President Susan welcomed everyone to the May meeting of Lesbury WI, which was very well attended in spite of heavy rain.

The usual business having been attended to first, we turned our attention to the matter of this year’s resolution which will be debated at the national annual meeting.

The resolution concerned increasing organ donation for transplants.Susan outlined the pros and cons, although we are all aware of the shortage of donors. Some members did not realise that age is no barrier to being a donor – obviously some of our old organs are not suitable for transplant, but can be used in research.

It was stressed that loved ones should be informed that a person wishes to donate some or all organs, so that transplant teams can be informed as soon as possible as time is of the essence for using donated organs.

Being on the donor register is a good way of letting people know our wishes.

The members voted for the resolution. After our deliberations, it was time for a bit of relaxation, and we enjoyed 10 rounds of dominoes before we had our social time over a cup of tea and biscuits.

The competition for a soft toy: 1 Elaine Foreman; 2 Gillian Atkinson; 3 Val Brooks.

The birthday flowers for May were awarded to Irene Frater, and the three lucky raffle prize winners were Peggie Holden, Eleanor Morgan and Sandra McKnight. Our next meeting is on June 10, at 7pm in the Village Hall. To intrigue you - the night is called Midsummer Madness.