Lesbury WI, January meeting

Lesbury Village Hall was filled with WI members eager to pay their annual subscriptions. Treasurer Janet was very well organised, with receipts at the ready and the process was accomplished in quick time.

President Susan welcomed members and wished everyone a happy, healthy New Year, before attending to essential business.

Julie Whitney volunteered to be our delegate to the annual Federation meeting in Newcastle, and members voted on the list of resolutions.

Our speaker, Lucy Maresh, was introduced by Susan.

Lucy describes herself as a complementary therapist, who specialises in yoga and massage.

Much of her work is with pregnant ladies and new mothers, but she has clients of every description and carries out different types of massage according to need.

A look of horror (or fear?) appeared on some faces as Lucy informed us we were to actually do some yoga.

We need not have worried – every exercise was carried out sitting in our chairs. Exercises were done to stretch the spine and the spaces between bones, head and shoulder rolling to reduce stress.

She is a great believer that imagination can influence physical performance, and proved her point with a simple arm extension exercise, then we sat and imagined being able to turn full circle when doing the exercise.

Result - doing the exercise again we were all able to go further round.

Lucy ended with talking about new year resolutions, and urged people to be positive about themselves, so that we could all say things like “I am free to be me” and “All is well.” It was a very enjoyable and useful evening, and Susan thanked Lucy on our behalf.

After a cup of tea and plenty of chat, Susan thanked this month’s team of village hall cleaners before the raffle was drawn, Kathleen Turnbull was declared the birthday girl of the month, and competition winners were: 1 Kathleen Turnbull, 2 Joan Weaver, 3 Jenny Styring.