Lesbury man’s son killed in Malaysia

Aidan Brunger
Aidan Brunger

The son of a Lesbury man was one of two students killed in Malaysia.

Aidan Brunger, whose father Paul and step-mother live in Lesbury, and Neil Dalton, both 22 and Newcastle University students, were murdered while working at a hospital in Kuching, Borneo.

Sir Alan Beith MP has been in contact with the Foreign Office.

He said: “This is a devastating blow for both families, and a tragic loss of two young men, both of whom had committed themselves to helping others through the use of their medical skills and training.”

Speaking yesterday, Professor Tony Stevenson, Newcastle University Acting Vice Chancellor, said: “We were informed this morning of the very sad news that two of our fourth-year medical students working at a hospital in Kuching, Borneo, have been tragically killed.

“Neil Dalton and Aidan Brunger, both 22, were on a six-week work placement along with five other medical students to put the skills they had learnt during their time here at the university into practice. This has come as a huge shock to us all and our thoughts are with their families and friends at this very difficult time.

“Two of our members of staff are flying out to Kuching as soon as possible and we are working closely with the British High Commissioner to support the other students and to co-ordinate their return to the UK.”

Professor Reg Jordan, of Newcastle University, is one of the two members of staff now in Kuching, Borneo.

He said: “Our priority is supporting the families, and our students who are still here, and we are working with the authorities to ensure they can return home as soon as possible. We met with the students this afternoon and we are giving whatever help we can in these tragic circumstances.

“Neil and Aidan were doing what thousands of medical students do every year by gaining valuable medical experience overseas.

“They were both excellent and committed students with so much potential, who will be greatly missed by everyone in the medical school. The whole university deeply mourns their loss.”