It’s not just cats that have nine lives

Gill Lyons is reunited with Rudy.
Gill Lyons is reunited with Rudy.
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TWO much-loved turkeys have twice avoided the Christmas pot after they were reunited with their owners last week.

When Christopher Benjamin and his wife Gill Lyons first bought Rudy and his female friend Margot, they were meant for Christmas lunch but the plucky pair, along with around 40 ducks and hens, became an attraction in their home village of Lesbury.

Schoolchildren crossing the footbridge to Steppy Lane on their way to Hipsburn First School would see the birds twice a day.

But last Wednesday, it was feared that, despite now being too old to be a palatable dish, the two gobblers had been grabbed by thieves.

The turkeys, who cannot fly and respond when called, were still nowhere to be seen on Thursday morning.

The story has a happy ending though as later that day, the two birds were back home, none the worse for their mystery disappearance.