‘I’m fed up of picking up other people’s dog mess’

Pick up your dog's mess.
Pick up your dog's mess.

A council is planning to name and shame owners who fail to pick up after their dogs as the amount of mess in Rothbury is described as ‘absolutely outrageous’.

At last week’s monthly parish meeting, Coun Debbie Noble raised the issue of dog mess.

She said: “I am absolutely fed up of picking up after other people’s dog poo.

“The amount of dog poo on the track up to the council yard is absolutely outrageous. Anytime I see anybody leave it behind I ask them to pick it up.

“You can scream and shout at people or be polite and ask them to pick it up, but unless you say to them that they will be fined then I don’t think people really care. “There is one man who drives up to the track, lets his dogs out, sits in his car for 20 minutes, calls them back and drives off.”

Chairman Coun Mark Gilson said his record for collecting bags of dog mess was 19, between the Haugh car park and Lady’s Bridge.

Coun Noble added that people need to be named and shamed and reported.

“I think a lot of people will feel this way,” she said.

“We need a bit of community involvement. We need to put it out there that anyone who sees someone not picking up after their dog can let the parish council know.

“We need to get the WI and the past and present groups on Facebook to put things on their sites and get it spreading about that this will not be tolerated.

“If people think that their faces are going to be put across social media in connection with not picking up after their dogs then I think they will think twice about leaving it behind.”

Coun Noble is to take the lead on the campaign to rid the streets of dog poo. The council heard that three dog bins in the village need mending.

The council also suggested putting more signs up around the village, however, it was felt that they don’t tend to deter people as piles of dog poo are often spotted by them.

l The next parish council meeting will take place in the Jubilee Hall on Wednesday, September 10, at 7.30pm.