‘I am not well and so stressed about calls’

Late-night robocalls are especially worrying for the elderly.
Late-night robocalls are especially worrying for the elderly.

A pensioner has told how she feels her life is being ‘threatened’ by nuisance phone calls.

The woman, who does not want to be named, contacted the Gazette after we launched our Stop Nuisance Robocalls campaign last week.

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The Alnwick resident said she had received late-night robocalls – recorded, automated messages – during the spate that hit the area two weeks ago, and often receives them during the day as well.

But for the 79-year-old, they add to the stress from which she is already suffering while living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

She said: “These calls are making my life a misery.

“I am so pleased that you have taken the initiative to run this campaign. I am not well and I haven’t been well for a few weeks now as I have MS.

“I had been really unwell for days and then I got that call, and it was the last straw. I really feel like they are threatening my life.

“Just to receive a call at that time of the night is more than I can cope with, I am so stressed about it.”

She said she knew of numerous others who had received similar calls and people are at the ‘end of their tethers’ about it all because it happens so often.

She added: “Sometimes you let the message go on and get to the point where you press a button to stop the calls happening, but it doesn’t work, the calls continue.

“I contacted BT about it and they said it would be so much per month to stop the calls, but why should the onus be on us to stop them?”

We are lobbying the Information Commissioner’s Office to Stop Nuisance Robocalls and to strengthen the law to prevent companies from using automated sales calls. To help, we need you to sign our petition here.