Howick WI, March meeting

KNIT AND NATTER: Howick WI’s meeting this month was very informed.

Fifteen of us arrived with bags of multi-coloured wool, patterns and size six needles.

Our meeting opened with Jerusalem and we get better by the month. Fiona ran through the agenda. There were darts and dominoes, WI raffle tickets, a car treasure hunt in Longhorsley, a walk on July 30 at Haltwhistle and Easter craft at Cresswell House.

We have a date for the county day, this year it is to be held in Wooler not until October 28/29. Let’s not think about that just yet, we want to enjoy some good weather first.

Winnie bid for afternoon tea at Cowgate, with the package comes beautiful walks and of course the excuse for a day away. Quite a lot of us showed a lot of interest, so Winnie was going to make some inquiries regarding days availability, watch this space.

It has also been proposed that we should have a couple of days away at the end of the year and go to Bruges, Shirley is on the case.

We were all reminded about the walk tour at Howick on May 16.

Valued member Ann Johnstone, to use the phrase, the lady with beautiful fingers, then helped, guided and encouraged us to knit for the shoesboxes. There will be a good mix of hats, hand and finger puppets.

Needles were fairly sparkling and the chat from around the table was quite deafening.

We all enjoyed our tea, supper was scrumptious and the Copely Hall fell silent just before 10pm, Jeanette won the raffle.