Hero Andy saves student’s life

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PARAMEDICS have praised a Shilbottle man for saving the life of a Japanese student, who fell and broke his leg at a deserted seaside salt marsh on Christmas Day.

Andy Inglis had gone for a walk with his border terrier Oscar and 20-year-old son Jamie around the isolated spot near Alnmouth, when he heard cries for help in the darkness.

It turned out to be a young Japanese man who had fallen an hour-and-a-half earlier while trying to cross a water-filled ravine, shattering a bone in his upper leg.

As 48-year-old Andy contacted the emergency services and then drove to meet an incoming ambulance, Jamie stayed with the 20-year-old visitor, who was lying in the snow and showing early signs of hypothermia.

The student, from St Martin’s Art Academy in London, who had been in the area conducting research, was airlifted to Wansbeck General Hospital by a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer.

While modest Andy says it was the only decent thing to do, his bosses at Northern Gas Networks, together with coastguards and paramedics who attended, have credited him with saving the student’s life.

Andy’s boss, Ken Gray, head of emergency and repair, praised the way he tackled the situation.

“Knowing how Andy works, he would have given the lad a lot of reassurance and support,” he said.

“The student is very lucky that it was Andy that found him.”

Andy, however, simply puts the rescue all down to Oscar needing his walk – even on the coldest of Christmas nights.

But his kindness didn’t end after the student was rescued.

Andy has visited him a number of times in hospital, taking the customary fruit and other morale-boosting supplies.