Hall used as recruitment centre

From the Archives, the Gazette on Saturday, August 15, 1914
From the Archives, the Gazette on Saturday, August 15, 1914
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Here is the third in our series of excerpts from the Alnwick and County Gazette in 1914, after Britain joined the First World War.

Saturday, August 15, 1914

Local Recruiting Depots

The Town Hall at Alnwick has been comandeered as a recruiting station for the enrolment of recruits in connection with Lord Kitchener’s second army scheme of forming a force of 100,000 men. Other local centres are at Amble and Wooler, for all the neighbouring villages.

The work was begun energetically on Wednesday. Captain Sitwell is the commanding officer for the whole district and in the enrolment and organising of recruits he has the assistance of Mr Hugh J Percy, solicitor, Alnwick; and Councillor Ralph Henderson, commanding the Alnwick and District detachment of the National Reserve is acting officer in the absence of Captain Sitwell.

Lord Joicey’s 

We are authoritatively informed that a wire has been received by the Lambton and Hetton Collieries Ltd., from Mssrs Wilson and Co., Gothenburg stating that they have received a telegram from Lord Joicey as follows:–

“Everybody all right.”

We understand this to mean that Lord Joicey, with his son and daughter, are well and safe somewhere in Germany.

The rumour that he had arrived in Sweden is incorrect.


An official statement at midnight confirms the Belgian cavalry’s brilliant success over Germany.

A French aviator, reconnoitering over Lorraine, was pursued by two German aeroplanes. The French man escaped, and returned to the French lines without injury.

Lilburn Tower as 
Convalescent Home

At Wooler preparations have been made for the reception of wounded by members of the 42nd V.A.D., assisted by many willing workers.They have equipped the Archbold Hall as a temporary hospital, with 20 beds, operating theatre, nurses’ room, and kitchen. Many generous offers of linen, cooking utensils, provisions etc., have already been received. A further supply of bedding is ready to be sent if required. Capable persons have also offered their services as cooks and nurses if required. There is also ready for removal at any time a number of improvised mattresses. There has also been formed several male stretcher parties.

Mr Arthur B Collingwood has generously offered Lilburn Tower, Alnwick as a convalescent home for officers and men who are injured in the present war. This beautiful “Tudor” mansion, with the picturesque grounds, through which the Lil (for little) Burn, is admirably suited for the purpose.

Alnwick Detachment of the National Reserve

A meeting of men enrolled in the Alnwick and District Detachment of the National Reserve was held in the Drill Hall of the 7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, Alnwick, on Wednesday night. A large muster of the Reserves assembled.

Captain Ralph Henderson, commanding officer, who presided, explained the purpose of the meeting, which was to obtain the signatures of men of the detachment who were willing to serve their country in time of imminent danger. That time had now arrived when their services were required.

He explained the three classes and conditions under which the men could serve according to age, and the rate of remuneration they would be entitled to. He stated that a report had got abroad in the town that the Duke of Northumberland was going to raise a corps for the defence of the county between Tyne and Tweed. He had written to Captain Napier, secretary for the Territorial Forces in the north, who had replied that the report was very misleading, that he knew nothing of any irregular corps being raised.

Acting-Sergeant-Major Lingwood stated that at the meeting held in Newcastle on the previous day in connection with the Lord Lieutenant’s Relief Fund, the Duke of Northumberland said that the statement was incorrect, that he would not think of entering into such a thing wihtout the consent of the War Office.