Great time at Pots and Paws

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If you want a really good time with children, I highly recommend Pots and Paws at Rothbury.

We went on Bank Holiday Monday and spent a relaxed couple of hours while the children first ‘built’ a soft toy.

There is a good choice of animals and when they had stuffed them, they were given four stars to put inside and make a wish before it was closed up.

Then they chose an outfit from a good selection.

After that, they chose and painted a ceramic figure with great help from the owner.

The grown-ups sat at the other end of the studio on comfy chairs or sofas and had coffee and cakes.

I hope this business does really well. We decided to go after reading the write-up in the Gazette. Good luck to Pots and Paws we will be going back.

Helen Ducker,

Peth Head, Wooler