Gold discovery at coastal castle

Gold found at Bamburgh Castle
Gold found at Bamburgh Castle

A FRENCH student has struck gold at a north Northumberland castle.

Last week saw the most exciting find of the season at Bamburgh Castle’s annual archaeological dig.

Constance Durgeat, a member of the Bamburgh Research Project, uncovered a beautifully detailed piece of Anglo-Saxon gold.

Measuring 14mm across, it is semi-circular in shape, manufactured from sheet gold, edged with wire and decorated with balls of gold in the shape of spirals.

Graeme Young, Bamburgh Research Project director, said: “The piece was found by one of our French students Constance Durgeat and caused quite a stir.

“In its construction it’s very like one of the previously identified fragments from 2008.

“Whether this means they are being manufactured here will depend on how specific the similarity proves to be.”

Castle director Chris Calvert said: “This is a brilliant find and it will be on display from Monday, July 18, alongside the other gold artefacts we have.”