Glass engraved with details of man’s death for auction

Nigel Blagburn of Alnwick Auctions with the inscribed glass mug.
Nigel Blagburn of Alnwick Auctions with the inscribed glass mug.

An engraved cup which commemorates the death of an Alnwick man is going under the hammer.

And the auctioneer is asking for anyone with information about it to get in touch.

The clear glass cup is to be sold at Alnwick Auctions’ next sale on Saturday, April 5.

The glass is inscribed with the words ‘The death of Rudy Grey as a result of a freak accident near Alnwick on July 4, 1906.’

Auctioneer Nigel Blagburn wants to know if anyone has any information about it.

“It came in a box of stuff into the auction house,” he said.

“It is really interesting and I just thought someone, somewhere must know something about it.”

Also up for sale at the next auction is a painting which excited Mr Blagburn.

The picture of a fox is an original Charles Whymper and dates back to around the 1920s or 30s.

It arrived at the auction house with other items as part of a home clear-out.

Mr Blagburn said: “Someone has had this sitting on their wall for years and it could be worth thousands.

“The lady who brought it in didn’t know how much it was actually worth. It really is a hidden gem and it will be interesting to see what it goes for.”

The sale at the auction house next to Jewson’s starts at noon.