GAZETTE COMMENT: You never know just what’s round the corner

Summer Carss with dad Paul in hospital.
Summer Carss with dad Paul in hospital.

Hearing the news that little Summer Carss is waiting for a second heart transplant at just under three years old is a real shock.

Just last month, she was a bright and bubbly girl like any other child her age and now she is desperately ill in hospital.

No one knows how long the beautiful girl will have to wait before a donor becomes available, but our hearts and thoughts go out to her family.

To go through any operation at her age is hard enough, but to have to endure a second heart transplant is devastating.

It is a very difficult time for her parents, Julie and Paul, who face an agonising time not knowing what might be around the corner.

But hopefully they can take comfort in their little girl, who is such a lovely, happy child.

Hearing of Summer’s plight makes you feel grateful for what you have got, especially when it comes to family, as you never know what might be around the corner.

We hope that a donor becomes available for Summer as soon as possible and she gets through the operation and returns to being a little girl who has a zest for life.