Fully trained to deliver first aid

The committee of The Stephen Carey Fund during their training session.

The committee of The Stephen Carey Fund during their training session.

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The committee of The Stephen Carey Fund – this year’s Jam Jar Army beneficiary – undertook a spot of training earlier last month in order to progress the training they themselves are able to present to communities and organisations.

Adrian Brown, of Rapid Reaction, kindly donated his and his firm’s time to carry out the training session and subsequent assessment in conjunction with Leisure Force, which organised and issued the certificates.

Both organisations waived all charges for the training and accreditation with Adrian Brown saying: “What The Stephen Carey Fund has undertaken and is delivering in Northumberland will simply save lives and we just wanted to make a contribution in our own way to their cause.”

This latest training, when combined with the Heart Start Instructors course the committee successfully completed in 2013, now means that the team can now deliver Emergency Life Saving training from first encounter with a patient through to utilising a defibrillator.

Scott McEwan, chairman of the fund, said: “We can’t thank enough Adrian and his team from Rapid Reaction and also the generosity from Leisure Force for their help and also NEAS for sanctioning the committee to deliver the installation-awareness training for the future.”