Floodlight repair on again

Floodlights that were put out of action by thieves are being repaired after a delay of several weeks.

The lights at county council-run Red Row Welfare had been raided for their copper wire, East Chevington parish councillors heard on Monday night.

Chairman Coun Scott Dickinson said: “If it was Blyth or Morpeth, would it have been left for weeks and weeks?”

Coun Paul Claridge added: “They are keeping us in the dark.”

But after the meeting, local county councillor Glen Sanderson said: “The lights at the Welfare have taken too long, but should be working by Tuesday morning.

“To be fair to the staff, they have always done their best, especially now, at a difficult time for them – the department is currently under a restructure exercise – the budget was not there to pay for the vandalism repairs and I had to work quite hard to find the £800 or so needed.”

Members believe their community is at the end of the queue for leisure resources.

Coun Fred Thurgood said Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure had brought no activities to the area for nearly two years.

Then, when the BVAL budget was cut, the parish had not been invited to fund youth activities to prevent their loss. “Since 2009 we have had no dialogue and services have disappeared.”

Members agreed to discuss the issue at their next meeting.