Felton Parish Council

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Allotments for the community

The parish council has agreed to lease a double allotment site to be used as part of a community project.

A group has formed within the village to set up facilities for people with disabilities and they intend to use the space to create raised beds and an area for others to use.

The group is primarily looking at people with mental illness and is also looking at developing the youth centre.

Lay-by could soon be handed over

After nearly six years of wrangling, a lay-by is set to be handed over to the parish council this week.

The authority has been in discussions with Northumberland County Council about the transfer of a lay-by at the junction for West Moor.

There have been legal complications, but clerk Lisa Hamlin, Coun Hood and county Coun Trevor Thorne met the county council last week and the transfer should be made.

Arriva has been approached about maintaining the last bus service on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. But the company has said it is not financially viable for the number of passengers who use it.

The council has raised concerns about the lack of notification about planning applications. Clerk Lisa Hamlin said she has to look through the weekly list for the whole area to find anything relevant.