Felling prompts mixed response

David Wilson's photograph of the trees being felled on the cobbles.
David Wilson's photograph of the trees being felled on the cobbles.

The felling of two lime trees which are thought to have stood for a century sparked a mixed response from residents.

The work was carried out on Sunday along The Cobbles, in Alnwick, because the specimens were decayed.

A replacement programme has been confirmed by Northumberland County Council, which cut down the trees.

However, Sunday’s felling shocked some people and prompted discussion on Facebook.

Steve Miller said that the area looked bare, while David Wilson, who took the above picture, said that the town centre wouldn’t be the same without the big trees.

Lois Addy said: “It might look bare, but it also looks tidy. Always a good thing when works have been done.”

In 2010, it was agreed to put the trees in special care to see if they could be revived. But a recent inspection found that the two trees were decayed and needed removing on public-safety grounds.

The county council agreed the work in conjunction with Alnwick Town Council.

Town and county councillor Gordon Castle said: “The problem was caused mainly through starvation to the roots and possibly salt getting to them. Whatever the reason, they had to come down.”

He told the Gazette that the removal of the remaining stumps was a challenging operation and had been put on the county council’s task list.

He added that the county council has agreed to replace the trees, possibly with a more suitable species, and would examine how this could be done and investigate adequate measures for irrigation.

The trees had played a part in the Christmas lights’ display. Coun Castle said the committee will review its display.