‘Play area was covered in glass and vomit’

The Park on Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick.
The Park on Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick.

A grandmother has hit back after a councillor questioned why parents were making an issue of broken glass in a children’s play area.

In the Gazette two weeks ago, columnist Alan Castle wrote about the state of The Park on Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick, after it was covered with broken glass.

The same day, Alnwick Town Council held its monthly meeting and it was said that the park is checked once a week. Coun Martin Harrington asked why people were making an issue of it instead of just picking up the glass.

But one grandparent has contacted the Gazette after it was found that there was not only glass strewn around, but also vomit on the play equipment.

Jackie Browell said: “My daughter had taken her two young boys there that weekend, aged nearly two and nearly five, and sent me a text asking if I wanted to meet her there.

“I was unfortunately busy on that particular occasion, but she then sent another text after five minutes of being there saying that there was broken glass all over and vomit all down the slide which her eldest had actually got on his trousers after trying to slide down.

“That is totally unacceptable in a child’s play park – it was obviously teenagers the night before drinking and smashing bottles etc.

“So does Coun Harrington suggest that we take a mop and bucket with us to clean up the park before we allow our children to play there?”

She added: “There is only one park in walking distance for our children to play on and the least is that it could be kept clean and safe to use.”

Bill Batey, town clerk for Alnwick, told the Gazette that play areas are inspected once a week by the town council.

He added: “From time to time we have found glass and empty cans and that sort of thing and they are removed.

“Sometimes there can be particular issues in the holiday period and I think we had checked the play area and in this instance there was glass the following week as well, but that coincided with half-term.We don’t think there is a massive problem with the play area.

“They are inspected on a Monday in case there has been any incidents at the weekend.”

At the town council meeting, it was agreed that a sign would be put up at the play area which makes it clear that Alnwick Town Council is responsible for it and who can be contacted.

To report a problem, contact 01665 714922.