Charity’s plea to make wildlife your resolution this year

A blue tit on a feeder.
A blue tit on a feeder.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust is reminding people to remember wildlife when making their New Year’s resolutions for 2014, especially as wildlife conservation in gardens is becoming increasingly important as more and more species are becoming endangered.

There are many easy and affordable ways in which to support nature and New Year is a superb time to begin planning how to support wildlife and making green spaces more wildlife-friendly.

“We have seen people become much more interested in the role their gardens have in helping the region’s wildlife,” said Steve Lowe, head of conservation with Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

“Gardens are part of a network of mini wildlife havens which link up habitats across the UK. All are a vital source of shelter and food, especially in winter when many species need warm, dry spaces in which to bed down.

“Taking action is simple and can often involve not doing things.

“So, resist pruning your more strikingly architectural perennials and let them provide a home for over-wintering insects.

“Leave rotting wood to decay in a pile and see if it becomes a home to beetles, fungi, centipedes and more.”