Ellingham Parish Council, September meeting

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At the September meeting of Ellingham Parish Council, members welcomed the new county councillor Kate Cairns.

Reported potholes have been repaired, but the reported broken road edge at Priestdean corner has not yet been repaired.

The road edge on Preston Bank is badly broken away and cars are forced over the broken edge when they meet wagons and other large vehicles, which is very dangerous.

After some discussion, councillors agreed to request a new cycle track running along the old railway line between Chathill and Seahouses.

A parishioner had reported that no action has been taken to rectify flooding problems on the rights of way, with the exception of FP14 through the Broad Wood, since the issue was raised in January.

Councillors agreed that the gateways are very muddy and there is a gate in a poor state. One path in particular is frequently used by local people.The clerk is to contct the county council’s footpaths officer to ascertain whether there is a scheme of work for footpath repairs/maintenance.

Councillors agreed that the parish council will pay for electricity used by the defibrillator from the Stephen Carey Fund.

All agreed that the wording on the defibrillator box should read ‘Donated by Ellingham Community Trust and the Stephen Carey Foundation’.

When there has been rainfall, there has been no flooding at Chathill so it appears that the Northumbrian Water work has helped.

The next meeting is on Monday, at 7.30pm.