Ellingham Parish Council, October meeting

At the October meeting of Ellingham Parish Council, a resident reported a problem regarding the proximity of pheasant feeders to his home.

Councillors agreed that the clerk should contact those concerned to request that the feeders are moved further away and to ensure that if sacks or corn are left out near properties, then they must be tied.

Overgrown bushes in Ellingham village had been tidied up and trees at Home Farm removed and their stumps ground down.

Fallen leaves are blocking drains in the village and on the road to the church. The clerk is to request that the road sweeper attends to this as a matter of urgency.

Mrs Cairns suggested that more trees could be planted around the parish and requested that councillors gave this some thought before the November meeting.

The Community Trust is to buy traffic calming interactive lights for Chathill, which Northumberland County Council will install.

Bulbs from the LED scheme have been distributed to those who applied.

BT can install a broadband cabinet in the village, although there is a significant cost for this. Another scheme where one parish is chosen out of seven would allow for fibre optics to be supplied and laid free of charge.

The next meeting is on Monday, November 3, at 7pm, followed by defibrillator training at 8pm.