Water-conservation project aims to educate children

Hayden Shepherd and Yasmin Ducke from Wooler First School.
Hayden Shepherd and Yasmin Ducke from Wooler First School.

Children from schools across Northumberland have discovered how they could help save water as part of a major conservation campaign.

Northumbrian Water (NW) helped to educate pupils about using water wisely at the Children’s Countryside Day earlier this month.

It comes as the utility company has pledged to help hundreds of homes and local businesses in Glendale and Wooler to save water and slash their energy bills as part of a three-month water-efficiency drive.

Clair Cooper, demand planning project manager at NW, said: “We’re passionate about helping local communities save water and educating future generations is a key priority for this campaign.

“We were inundated with children eager to take part in our interactive water-saving activities which can help them to learn first hand how much water they can save and why it’s so important.”

Hayden Shepherd, eight, from Wooler First School, said: “I learnt lots about how to save water at home.

“You shouldn’t leave the tap running when you clean your teeth and you should only be in the shower for five minutes.”

Each of the children also received free water-saving products from the water company including a toothy timer and toothbrush to remind them to turn off the tap when brushing their teeth.