Pupils take a trip into book’s world

Pupils from Acklington and Tritlington First Schools with Hari.
Pupils from Acklington and Tritlington First Schools with Hari.

Children from two north Northumberland first schools took a trip into a literary world yesterday to learn more about safety awareness.

Acklington Church of England First School, in conjunction with the Big Lottery Awards for All, entered Hari’s World at the newly-refurbished Acklington Community Hall.

Hari’s World is the exciting and imaginative book series following the adventures of Hari and friends with subtle safety messages woven into each story.

It is accompanied by a cast of loveable plush characters to support and bring to life the stories for children.

In the morning, the children of Acklington First School were joined by pupils from Tritlington First School to enjoy animated story-telling sessions with the books’ authors and the puppets.

These were followed by various workshop activities which embed the safety messages contained in the stories.

In the afternoon, local pre-school children will be enjoying the Hari’s World experience, which also includes book-signing and colouring competitions.

The Big Lottery Awards for All scheme is funding this venture as part of the Acklington school’s year-long Community Safety Project.

To date, the project has enabled the school to offer community first-aid instruction, road-safety awareness, bike-ability courses as well as providing term-time weekly community swimming sessions. Water safety courses will be the next item on offer.

Gail Van Schalkwyk, joint headteacher at Acklington C of E First School, said: “We are very excited about this project and extremely proud to have the opportunity to host the Hari’s World Team.

“As a school, we of course aim to ensure that our children are safe and secure.

“Educating our children on how to stay safe is a fundamental part of work and we are delighted to be able to share this learning opportunity with others in our community.”

The creators of Hari’s World are a father-and-son team, both experts in the risk business who operated in different professional environments and joined forces to help children avoid accidental injury.

Consultant and personal injury barrister Tristan Paul and ex-British Army Major Tristan Sean invented a new character to take children on adventures where, along the way, they will learn how to ‘play safe and not sorry’.