Editors comment: An end to foul play

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REVOLTING – that’s the only word to describe the minefield of dog dirt littering pavements and parks across our communities.

Take a walk for just a few minutes around any town or village and you will stumble across a pile of poo – hopefully not literally. It seems to be everywhere.

We are frequently reminded that this is the calling card of a few feckless, lazy dog owners who can’t be bothered to clean up after their pets, but the evidence is mounting that more people are now choosing to abandon their social responsibilities.

Yes, the scooping and bagging of excrement is an unpleasant task, but what is the alternative? At the lesser end of the scale, someone will tread in it. Or, in the worst-case scenario, a child will come into contact with your pet’s faeces and contract toxocara canis.

That’s dog roundworm in layman’s terms, an appalling parasitic condition which can result in blindness.

Responsible dog owners who read the Gazette will be equally shocked and dismayed that some people – you probably even know them – would rather gamble with a child’s sight than take 10 seconds to remove the very real health risk they’ve left behind.

To those responsible, we’d ask them to consider this: Could you live with your conscience if our newspaper was to carry a story about a child blinded by dog mess in your area? Not knowing if you were responsible?

If you couldn’t then the answer is simple. Clean it up and bin it.