Driver’s fury over police car

A police car parked in a disabled spot in Alnwick's Bondgate Within.
A police car parked in a disabled spot in Alnwick's Bondgate Within.
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A FURIOUS driver has contacted the Gazette after being blocked from using a disabled bay in Alnwick – by a police car.

The blue badge holder couldn’t get into the restricted space outside Costa Coffee on Bondgate Within last Thursday morning because the patrol car had been left there.

The officer, who was nowhere to be seen, didn’t return to his vehicle for at least half-an-hour.

The disabled driver, who asked not to be identified, said: “I had come in to Alnwick to do some important tasks, but couldn’t find a parking space anywhere on Bondgate Within, including the two disabled bays, one of which was occupied by a police car.

“I had to park on the double yellow lines outside the shops. It incensed me because it’s bad enough with ordinary motorists ignoring the restrictions and using a disabled space illegally, never mind a police officer.”

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: “The officer who was driving the police vehicle was responding to a theft reported at the Boots shop on Bondgate Within. As he was responding to an ongoing report, he had to get to the shop quickly and did not park outside on the double yellow lines, as it may have blocked the road.

“The only other safe alternative was the disabled bay. The officer may have had to escort a prisoner and to park a long way from the store would not have been practical or safe.

“Although the officer only parked in the bay for around 30 minutes, all staff in the Area Command will be reminded that they must not park illegally or inconsiderately and could be liable to disciplinary action if they do so.”