Doyle needs help to meet ongoing medical costs


A beautiful dog, who has adopted the SHAK family as his own, needs support for ongoing medical conditions.

Doyle arrived at SHAK some years ago, with his brother, straight from a closed-down scrapyard where they had been left to die.

A dog used to running around in a scrapyard would find it impossible to live in the confines of a home, especially given his size, so he has been under the care of the volunteers of the sanctuary since then and made SHAK his forever home.

When he arrived, he was covered in engine oil and emaciated.

Today, he looks in great condition and loves spending a day on the beach, running around.

But, as with many of the big dogs at SHAK, he has some underlying health issues which, if not treated, will cause him great pain and eventually kill him.

He has been diagnosed with a condition called anal furunculosis and the vet said his treatment will cost £195.38 per month for the foreseeable future – an amount that SHAK does not have spare, despite continuous fund-raising efforts.

If you can help Doyle, log on to where you will see our recently-launched Change Lives appeal.