Dog injured after fire left burning on county beach

A close-up of Zucca's burnt paw.
A close-up of Zucca's burnt paw.

Beach users on the north Northumberland coast are being warned after a dog was injured when it stepped on a fire left burning.

Penny Myring, who lives in Derby but has a caravan in Christon Bank, took her dog Zucca for a walk about 7pm on Sunday, June 1.



Heading down onto the beach at Low Newton, Zucca stepped in a fire, which had been left alight, badly burning her paw.

This week, Zucca was still undergoing treatment at the vets, with the bill coming to £350.

And while Penny was saddened by the harm caused to her pet, she is also concerned that anyone could have fallen foul of the blaze, including children.

“They had lit it and dropped it into the sand a bit so there was no way you could see it,” she told the Gazette.

“We managed to get Zucca into the sea quickly, but her foot was badly burned.

“It was just where you go down onto the beach and they hadn’t kicked sand on it or anything. There was no one around.

“It’s upset all of us and caused her a lot of pain.”

Mrs Myring was also disappointed as she tried to contact the National Trust, which is responsible for that area of coastline, to see if they could issue a warning but received no response.

Yesterday, Claire Ashby, the Trust’s visitor services manager for the Northumberland Coast, said: “We’re sorry to hear about this incident and are in contact with the lady involved.

“We do ask people not to light fires on the beach and can say that in our experience these instances are very rare.

“In the main part, people are considerate of other beach users.

“While we regularly monitor the beach, as a charity with limited resources, we can’t always be around so we hope that reading about this will discourage others from leaving unattended fires.”

There is a poster at Low Newton outlining the bylaws in the area, which includes that fires are not permitted on the beach.