Digging into the past with Chris

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The 500-year commemorations of the Battle of Flodden are digging into the past.

Project archaeologist Chris Burgess is running a 10-week course of hands-on sessions designed to teach the skills and techniques of the archaeologist.

Held in Crookham, near the site of Flodden Field, Introduction to Archaeology started yesterday and finishes in the autumn with a break for summer. Each of the free Wednesday evening sessions will focus on a different period of British archaeology and will be delivered by experts in each field, and will finish with a half-hour hands-on practical.

Chris said: “Our Introduction to Archaeology course builds on the growing popularity of programmes such as Time Team, the discoveries of recent months such as the remains of Richard III and, of course, the work that Flodden 1513 itself has been doing recently in and around the battlefield.

“We will offer a certificate of attendance to those who attend eight to 10 of the lectures. However we do plan to video the sessions and make them available through YouTube for those who are unable to make the entire commitment.”

For details, contact Chris at flodden500@gmail.com