Details of town toilet revamp confirmed

The public toilets in The Shambles in Alnwick town centre.
The public toilets in The Shambles in Alnwick town centre.

The full list of works to take place in the public toilets in the centre of Alnwick has now been agreed.

At the June meeting of Alnwick Town Council, it was reported that renovation work to spruce up the facilities in The Shambles was set to take place before the start of the school summer holidays.

At the going down of the sun....

At the going down of the sun....

A budget of £12,700 is available, made up of £3,000 each from the town council and county councillors Heather Cairns and Gordon Castle as well as £3,700 from Northumberland County Council itself.

But at that meeting, members were warned that the money will not stretch to a full refurbishment. Coun Castle said that items such as new toilets or a complete re-tiling are not on the cards.

Due to the limited funding, no work will be taking place at the toilets on Greenwell Lane, which Coun Ken Moore described as disappointing.

At this month’s meeting, members were provided with a detailed breakdown of what has been agreed with the county council.

The drains are to be cleaned and unblocked, all painted areas are to be redecorated, the floor tiles will be cleaned and the wall tiles will be raked out and re-grouted.

The cistern on the urinal is to be overhauled to ensure it is flushing regularly and air-freshener dispensers are to be installed in both toilets.

As suggested, the main equipment will not be replaced, but most of the fixtures and fittings will be.

There will be Dyson hand-dryers, new time locks on the main doors, new cubicle doors, new toilet-roll holders, new soap dispensers, new handrails, two new mirrors, two new vanity units as well as new signage on the doors, outside and inside providing contact details and details of alternative facilities.

A new extractor fan may be installed, but this will require planning permission for the external changes as the Northumberland Hall is a listed building.

Update on memorial funding application

The council’s application for funding from the War Memorials Trust for refurbishment work was submitted midway through June.

A letter confirming its receipt was sent to the council, but the decision is likely to take 10 weeks.

The listed building consent application for the work has been submitted to the county council and a decision should be made by the end of this month.

The conservation officer had raised concerns with some of the proposed materials, but is happier with the proposals by the preferred bidder, although discussions are ongoing.

The contractors are due to come up for a site visit with the town council and the conservation officer soon.

The only outstanding issue is a small iron hatch on the side of the war memorial, which is old and rusty and is used for maintenance access for the streetlight.

It is therefore the responsibility of the county council, not the town council.