Police crackdown on biker disorder

Motorbike disorder is being targeted in Alnwick as police crack down on irresponsible riders.

A number of reports have been received about motorbikes on the bridle path alongside Aydon View, over into Alnwick Golf Course and along to Rugley Ford, causing a danger to members of the public using the path.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: “Motorbikes are banned from the path - it is meant for pedestrians only and used by lots of people walking, some with dogs and families with young children.

“The speed some riders are going is putting people at risk. We believe these riders are coming from outside the area and my message to them is they’re not welcome; Alnwick is a peaceful town and the local community don’t want it ruined by their irresponsible and reckless motorbike disorder.”